Saturday, July 13, 2013

Food & Beer: A Gastronomica/Terms of Enbeerment Collaboration

Food Theme
Mexican-inspired gastropub dishes with Alta California Cuisine Flair
Accompanying Beer Pairing Theme
Readily available Southern California Craft Beers that can be obtained by the average consumer with ease

Presenting the food & beer parings between Gastronomica by Chef Andrea Machuca and Terms of Enbeerment. Below you will find the descriptions of each course, how it was prepared, the beer pairing choice, and the overall impact of the two.

Beer is just as versatile and complementary to a meal as wine is when the affinities are paired up (arguably, beer can be even better!). With the heat of summer, a crisp beer is an obvious choice to pair a wonderful meal with. Terms of Enbeerment and Gastronomica embarked on make this unmistakable combination an unforgettable one.

“A summer dinner party is something quite special. The air is warmer, the grass is brisk and beer just tastes better. Planning this dinner party was a treat. I love cooking! Whether it be in a hot, crowded kitchen or cooking for my family or friends -- It’s my passion! Enjoy this culinary and craft beer collaboration. Cheers!” -Chef Andrea Machuca

**Before Dinner**

Let the fun begin! Here, a table was set up with meats, cheese, and other tasty edibles for the guest to enjoy while mingling. The beers selected to start the evening are simple, flavorful, floral, and crisp. The hop-aromatics of these Czech-style pils add an extra layer of appetizing indulgence.

Various cheeses: Fat Bottom Girl, Saint Agur Bleu and Strawberry Peak Brie.
Meats: Proscuitto di San Danielle and Ghost Pepper Salami.
Beer pairings: Noble Ale Works “Pistol Whip'd” and Firestone-Walker “Pivo Pils.”

Fat Bottom Girl: Raw sheep milk, gently washed rind, traditional rennet, aged at least 2-3 months. Named after the famous song by Queen, “Fat Bottom Girl” is an aged raw sheep milk cheese with a natural rind that is encouraged by regular washings during the two to three month aging process. Each wheel of "Fat Bottom Girl" cheese is lovingly hand crafted with the raw milk from a small flock of sheep that graze hillsides and roam free.

Tasting Notes - Firm ivory paste with subtle flavors of almonds, butter and tangy sweetness.

Strawberry Peak Brie: Wash rind cheese made from cow’s milk. Orange, yellow, and beige rind
Tasting Notes - A sticky and “stinky” rind with a pungent, spirited aroma. The texture can vary from firm to soft and creamy depending on the season.

Saint Agur: Soft, blue-veined cheese made from cow's milk, by Bongrain Cheese Company from the Auvergne region of France.
Tasting Notes - Double-cream blue cheese, decadent and buttery with a hint of spice.

Cheese Accompaniments: Homemade blueberry chocolate soufflé jam, summer berries, dried mulberries, chocolates, and rosemary bread.

Proscuitto di San Danielle: Sweet and succulent Prosciutto from San Daniele del Friuli in Italy. This is one of the finest meats in the Italian culinary tradition. The area of San Daniele has the ideal micro-climatic conditions for producing this Prosciutto. It has a pronounced aroma, and a charming, delicate flavor.

Ghost Pepper Salami: All there is to say is... Heat that lingers! Delicious heat!


Local Strawberries
 port, basil, fresh mozzarella + balsamic bourbon reduction
Ritual's Wit's End

Port soaked Local Strawberry stuffed with fresh mozzarella, wrapped in Prosciutto di San Danielle and topped with basil & balsamic reduction drizzle. Along with the various cheeses, this small plate was tangy and sweet with a bit of freshness. The beer pairing served provided a flavor-hook that combined the balsamic bourbon reduction drizzle with the natural tartness and tanginess of a Witbier. Additionally, the refreshing and spice character of a Belgian-style Wit combined with the fresh basil completed the pairing. An incredible combination!

Beer paring: Ritual Brewing Co. “Wit’s End”


Pork Belly
Pork belly confit: 36 hour rub consistent of piri piri, pasilla negro, guajillo, rosemary, mayan love, and a medley of other spices. Additionally, a 10 hour chocolate porter bath finished of the flavor infusion. Served with broccolini fried in duck fat and smothered in blackberry chipotle sauce.

Beer pairing: Bootlegger's Brewery “Black Phoenix” and Ballast Point “Sculpin”

For this course, two distanced pairings provide two separate experiences. One beer serves to complement the dish and the other provides the contrast. A Chipotle-Stout with its roasted malts provided a perfect harmony with the caramelized and umami flavors of the pork belly. Add the affinity of the stout beer and sauce containing Chipotle and you have a magical combination! On the contrast, an American IPA displayed its cutting and pallet cleansing power after every bit.


Horchata Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta, Strawberry Bourbon Coulis, Saint Angel Triple Cream Cloud and Strawberry Pearls.

Beer pairing: Stone Brewing Co. “Espresso Imperial Russian Stout”

Desert is a challenging course to pair wine with. That’s fine because beer will take on the task with ease. Here, the Horchata Panna Cotta had plenty of cinnamon, milky, and vanilla-like flavors, yet it was not cloying. The combination of an Imperial Russian Stout’s strong chocolate flavors brings out the cinnamon and vanilla in the Panna Cotta to the front of the palate. The tangy Strwberry Peals and twangy Cream Cloud proved to be no match as the bitterness in the dark roasted coffee flavors in the stout contrasted them both with ease. The flavor dance was a thing of beauty.

**After Dinner**

Alesmith's 2012 Decadence

Time to settle down and relax. Alesmith’s 2012 Decadence is a Belgium-style Quad with lots of dark fruit and spice character. At 12% ABV and intensely impressive flavors, Decadence made for a perfect end-of-dinner beer. Sip, enjoy, and reminisce.

Thank you all for allowing us to share this wonderful experience with you. This was a fun and pleasurable evening where food & beer held center-stage together. We hope you enjoyed reading about our adventure as much as we enjoying writing it.

Bon Appétit and Cheers!

Chef Andrea Machuca, Gastronomica
Gilbert "Charlie" Perez, Terms of Enbeerment