Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Other Woman

Imperial Red at Tustin Brewing Company

Who is that Woman? She, who is dressed in deep-red, leering through the glass with a sexy shimmer? The one wearing an off-white cap? What a beautiful red-headed Woman she is.

She wears perfume of citrus, pine, and caramel which teases you with every pass she makes. Her lustful and tempting aroma is impossible to resist... I should resist... I must resist... I failed and gave-in to her will; I could not resist.

She approached my lips... Her bitterness was assertive and she wouldn't let up even after she was gone. Her body was smooth, with a texture of silk, and her curves rolled off the edges of my tongue, ever so gently. She displays a strong malt backbone, as any strong woman should, holding her flavor together quite well. I tried to keep my composure.

It didn't work. I wanted more.

With every pass she made across my lips, she began to undress herself, dissipating more and more from the glass. Her temperature rose higher. The lower I went and the more she undressed, the sweeter and maltier she tasted. It was a flavor unlike the others before her.

She was deceiving... her perception is that of a goddess, yet with her ABV of 8.5%, she was nothing but a fallen angel in disguise. As quickly as she seduced me, she vanished.

I must find her again. I must see her once more. When? Where? How? This must be kept a secret.

She was "The Other Woman." And for a brief moment...

...She was mine!

-Gilbert “Charlie” Perez, Certified Cicerone®
(Eat your heart out, ladies... This could be you I'm talking about...)

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