Saturday, January 9, 2021

It’s Time to Shine! Radiant Beer Co. Open to the Public

Blank Slate, Parallel Path, and Becoming More Real by Radiant Beer Co.

*Updated February 19th, 2021*

Where one giant that was too ambitious to succeed was slain, another with the right vigor and comprehension has resurrected in its place. Housed where Towne Park used to be, Radiant Beer Co. is Anaheim’s newest brewery to add to OC’s impressive line-up of amazing beer producers. Radiant is shining brightly ever since their initial releases of Blank Slate (Witbier), Parallel Path (West Coast IPA), and Becoming More Real (Hazy IPA).

Released as a sneak-peak back in early January, these first three Radiant offerings were an appropriate display of the skills, experience, and potential of this tight-knit award-winning team. Lead by Managing Partner Jonas Nemura, Director of Brewing Andrew Bell, and Director of Marketing Cambria Griffith, this team gained much clout during their careers at The Bruery.

Left to Right: Andrew Bell, Jonas Nemura, and Cambria Griffith
Photo by Radiant Beer Co.

Since then, the patio area has been opened up while more improvements and renovations continue indoors. Soon, Radiant's tasting room will have a more colorful decor, murals, and, of course, beers for us to enjoy. Furthermore, a food concept will be added (flatbreads are a big possibility, but my money is on tacos!) along with activities, when it is safe to do so, such as creating your own tie-dye shirt.

The brewery itself keeps shifting in the right direction, too. Unusable tanks, piping, and plumbing accessories have been removed and replaced where applicable, and a new RO Water System. Furthermore, the inherited canning line will be refurbished for future use. A barrel program is already underway with some impressive finds to age some beer in. Names like Buffalo Trace, Elijah Craig, and Wild Turkey adorn the first barrels acquired by Bell and the team.

But, how are the suds? Well, a small review of the original three beers plus a current favorite are below.

Blank Slate

Witbiers can be romanticized as the feeling of a summer evening breeze on the beach in beer form. This Witbier embodies that sentiment as it pours out a veiled straw-colored with a pillow of foam just as the waves leave behind. Aromas of white tea leaves, lime zest, and an entire spice cabinet. Flavors are soft, yet present, with notes of grain, tea, orange, lime, sage, mint, and a faint acidity note that lends to the refreshingly dry finish. Wonderful stuff!! This will be one of those on regular rotation it seems. Can’t wait to pair this with a goat cheese omelet.

Becoming More Real

I’m not a hazy guy. If you are even remotely close to knowing anything about me, that would be one of the first things that I’ll unapologetically admit. With that said, my honest opinion here is…. Wow! This is some good stuff! These are the hazy’s, when I drink, I understand why a lot of beer drinkers admire them. Pours out a foggy (duh!) orange that looks like a Weissbier at first glance with a giant white cloud on top. Aromas of peaches and cream, coconut, and white strawberry with the taste being much the same. The texture is creamy, and bitterness is low but present in the finish. Pair this with your favorite salty ramen or spicy Indian curry dishes.

Parallel Path

Put another tick mark on great IPA’s out of Orange County. Golden pale-colored with a lightly off-white cap. On the nose, oh, the nose…. Various berries, cucumbers, and oranges spritzed with lime juice, and a hint of dried chives. The palate radiates (pun intended!) with blueberries, orange peels, limes, underripe pineapple, and a bit of that “dank” we all have come to love (or accept). The mouthfeel is smooth and a snappy bitter finish. Do you like firey Thai dishes such as Pad Kee Mao? Pair them with Parallel Path.

Inherent Good

Lager beers are some of my favorite styles, and I am quite critical of them. My criticism of this beer is... Nothing! We are spoiled in OC to have such wonderful Lager producers and we have yet another to add to our already impressive list. A dry-hopped version of their Recommission Lager generously dosed with Saphir hops. Crisp and refreshing, as any clean traditional Pale Lager should and with flavors of herbal tea, lemongrass, green spices, and fresh hay beam out of the glass. A pint is not enough! A mug is a must for this one.

Bell on the Brew-Deck of the Impressive Brewhouse
Photo by Radiant Beer Co.

This is a good, strong showing out of the gate for Radiant. I trust this is only a sign of what's to come. Do any of the three beers seem like they would be up your alley? I encourage you to give them a try. I thoroughly enjoyed each one of them. I can’t wait to see the completed transformation and enjoy a beer on-premise. See you there!

Inherent Good Dry-Hopped Lager

Public sales began on Wednesday, January 13th, 2021. It was symbolically considered their "opening day" for pick-up and delivery until regulations/recommendations allow for safe on-premise enjoyment. As of now, the patio is open for on-site consumption, too.

Radiant Beer Co. is located at 1566 W. Lincoln Ave, Anaheim, CA.

Stay safe, wear your face-covering, and respect your fellow humans.


Gilbert “Charlie” Perez, Advanced Cicerone®

Beer & Food Pairing

Awarded: Jan 16, 2022

Awarded To: Gilbert "Charlie" Perez